Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day Card ( A little late!) and Color inspiration Challenge number 4

Wow, I've been gone for a while! I had finals and Regents and I'm finally free!
Yay, summer!

So I made this Father's Day card for my Father a while ago, but I never posted it. It's pretty "girly" for a man's card, with all that glitter on it (I have no idea why..) but I think the colors cancel out the girly-ness!
Here you go:

He seemed to like it, so that's good. I used a K&Company chipboard for the "dad" and some walmart company glitter paper for the glitter.

The second card is a card for Kristina Werner's contest, which ends in like 5 seconds so here we go!
It uses a K&Company circle and the same glitter paper as before. THe inks are from Ranger and stamps from MSE. I'm ordering some more, bcause they're on sale today so check out this blog for details!
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Cute card! Father's Day card is nice!

  2. Congratulationss on Kristina's Top 10, Haylie! Your card is sweet.

  3. Great cards, Haylie! And congrats on your Top 10 shout out :)

  4. So cute, love the simplicity and bright colours:-) congrats on being featured!

  5. Very cute, congrats on making the top ten :)

  6. LOVE the cards! Very cute! I did a couple of cards myself. Feel free to check it out!

  7. congrats on the top 10 in this challenge - even tho i am quite late at stumbling upon it. :) did you create the chipboard on the "love you" card? if so i'd love to know more about how you did it!

  8. Oh, hey "love," I just saw your comment! Thanks for the congrats...I'm sorry, though, I did not make the chipboard for the card- it came like that in a K&Company set, I believe.
    Oh, here they are:
    From the Wild Raspberry collection. It's a set of adhesive shipboard frames. :-)