Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Cards

I'm going to camp tomorrow morning, so I wanted to make a bunch of cards like I normally do so I can send cute cars (mainly B-day cards) to my friends from camp. I can always call, but letters and cards are so campy, and I love them!
Here are the cards I made today- I honestly feel like crap today, so nice comments would be appreciated!

3 are the same basic design...and all the glittery cupcakes are from Hallmark. The rest of the materials are all a mush in my mind...idk!!!

That's all!
See you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Graduation Randomness (lots of pics!)

I GRADUATED YESTERDAY!!! WHOOHOO!!I just had to get that out there!
So I don't have many cards (that I made) to show off...actually, none... BUT I have a few random crafty things to show that are fun!

WARNING!!! LONG POST AHEAD!!! (But it's good- keep reading!)

Check out this stunning card my sister gave me with my graduation gift:

Is that GORGEOUS or what? It's from Papyrus and I love the glitter and the fact that it's a butterfly! She told me she wanted to get a super card for the girl who loves card. She totally nailed it.
(If you'd like to see the present she got for me, let me know... I just forgot to take the picture now.)

I was going through old stuff in my garage and I found a lot of things from 8th grade, including a children's book I had to write for English class. I remember working FOREVER on it, but it really was a good book. So I took pictures of it so everyone could see how awesome I was as a 13 year old. Lol, tooting my own horn.
The book is a cross between a scrapbook-style story and actual pictures and backgrounds. Most of the characters were cut out in teeny tiny pieces and assembled together carefully.
Here we go:
This was all done in a mini-scrapbook. Here's the cover. It was called Rosie and Rosalyn: Best Friends Forever, and honestly it was more like a high school or junior high drama but it was supposed to be for children so I made my characters 3rd graders.
Aw...they're cute.
I even had a copyright page. (Some things are crossed out for privacy reasons.) I thought I was so professional!
And here's the story! (You can't really read it, but the story isn't really the point of showing this.)
Rosalyn has a cute room!
I took a second picture of the classroom page since it was so cute!
Last page...happy ending! yay!

That was fun! Onto the next (and last) part...

I will hopefully be going away next year to Israel to study for a year, as will many of my friends, but we're all going to be in different schools, so I wanted to make some signs for my friends as going-away presents, that they could hang on their dorm walls. So I had the idea to make a "miss you" sign made over a background of tons of punched hearts. I used an EK Success punch, and I literally sat there punching for ages! My garbage can was full of papers that had been eaten up by my punch.
But seriously, I love that punch. It gets so much use from me.
This is the result:
I used reflective paper for this one:
Extra hearts:
All of them:

I will most likely be putting this in the center of a larger paper with picture of that particular friend and me around it, but I still need to print my pictures to do that. :)
The black chipboard letters are Bo Bunny and the rest I cut out free-hand. I just sprinkle the hearts on Elmer's- glue coated paper. I tried to stick to double-sided patterns so I wouldn't get too many white hearts.
I mainly used scraps, so this is a great way to use up scrap paper.

So..... that's it! How's everyone's summer going?
Sorry the pictures keep changing size...
Thanks for reading- please comment!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Will be Posting Soon...

...just as soon as I can find my camera's memory card!! I have no idea where it went!
But I do have some cards and things I'd like to show, so don't give up on me just yet!

Edit: Apparently I've been featured on
Not sure if this is legit, but it sounds cool!
Here's the link:

Is this real? Let me know if it's a real normal site or what!