Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Cards

I'm going to camp tomorrow morning, so I wanted to make a bunch of cards like I normally do so I can send cute cars (mainly B-day cards) to my friends from camp. I can always call, but letters and cards are so campy, and I love them!
Here are the cards I made today- I honestly feel like crap today, so nice comments would be appreciated!

3 are the same basic design...and all the glittery cupcakes are from Hallmark. The rest of the materials are all a mush in my mind...idk!!!

That's all!
See you!


  1. These are so cute I am bursting with smiles lol

  2. OMG!! These are soooo cute! I love this kind of cards!! You're so creative! Kindly visit me too at and leave comments on my scrapwork. I wish I could do some professional scrapcards like yours...although you're so young..sweet 17. Nice to know you!