Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Project- Part 2

I finally finished my *big project*!!!! Yayness!
It took a lot shorter than I would have thought.
I spent about 5 or 6 late nights finishing them and it turned out great!
I've never made 50 cards at once, so this is a huge deal for me.
What was annoying was actually filling them out and personalizing the messages, since I'm not that great at writing inside cards. It helped that I had typed up a list of the teachers and what they taught me, so I'd have it in front of me to keep track of and know what to thank them for.
I also couldn't help bringing them into school to show off; my classmates were so impressed. ( It helped my ego :))
And since filling them out took so long, i ended up doing a lot in class- the same classes of the teachers I was thanking for teaching me. Ironic.

So here's the last bunch. I've got most of them lined up and then some of the last few at the end.

Oh, wow! Look at all those cards.........
The card fronts of the last few...
My "hand stamped by" stamp on the back of the cards. I then hand-sign underneath it.
Whet do you use to personalize your cards? (Stamp is from My Sentiments Exactly!)
More pretty cards! (Gosh, I a full of myself today! Tehhee..)
And...all lined up in their envelopes! I gave them into the office to put in the teacher's boxes on Thursday. I hope they got them!
And that's it! I can't imagine that people do this every holiday season- it was such a big job! But it was so fun!

Please share any projects you've done recently and please leave COMMENTS!!
Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend!
I have school tomorrow- but it's my LAST day- ever!! I'm graduating in 3 weeks! I can't believe it!
Anyway, enough rambling...nighty night, everyone!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day- and a BABY!!!

Hello, hello! Happy Mother's Day, everyone!
Let's start off with the most exciting news- my Sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby BOY!!! It's their first boy after 4 girls, so it's a pretty big excitement! My !st nephew!
I'd show pictures of the baby, but I don't think my brother would like that. But here's the card I gave to my sister-in-law when I visited her in the hospital:
Isn't it cute? Well, my nephew is cuter!!!
The patterned paper is K&Company Amy Butler paper and the 2stickers are from Making Memories. I used a Hero Arts card base and a Uni-Ball white gel pen. And a Fiskars punch (way on the bottom, there, see?)

My nieces stayed by my house for the weekend, while their mother was in the hospital, and funnily enough, it was one of my niece's birthday on Friday. (yes, I know, my niece and nephew have birthdays a day's cool!)
So here's the quick card I whipped up for my niece- who turned 7! I can't believe how big she is!

All it is is some Marcella by K fun paper, with a Hallmark cupcake on top. I put the googly eyes over the sticker's eyes, and it became so much cuter, just my niece's type! I wrote the sentiment with a Uni-ball white gel pen.
And now onto the mother's day card! I used the K& Company Amy Butler paper- I just cut out a flower from one of the patterns and popped it up on a Kraft card base. I took some pink K&Company Que Sera Sera paper and a MSE stamp and a Making Memories sticker and made the sentiment! The heart is from the Amy Butler paper and the punch I used is from EK Success.
And....STICKLES!! I hope you ca nsee the stickles all around the flower. My mother loved them.
So that's it! I'm off to do some homework, but the rest of you, have a lovely day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Project- Part 1

Since I'll be graduating this June, I've decided that I want to show a personal thank you to my High School teachers. So I've started on the huge task of making a thank you card for every teacher who has taught me in high school. I made a list, and that equals 50 teachers! Whew! I've never made so many cards before. This is what I got done a few nights ago.... (my 1st time working on it):

All the cards are 4"x4" and I covered all the card fronts, so I get 4 cards out of every 12"x12" cardstock and 9 card faces. I jsut added A strip of paper and some ribbon (picture included) and an embossed "Thanks" (MSE stamp and Zing! embossing powder) and a K&Company sticker. The yellow background is Autumn Leaves and the green unfinished card background is Marcella by K.
And yes, I do work on the floor. I have a desk, but it faces a wall, and my TV is behind me, so....Supernatural always wins out in the end. *sheepish grin*
I've got about 11 cards so far...39 to go! (Not to mention filling them out...)

On a slightly random note, check out my British flag, Royal Wedding inspired nails!

I saw a video for this on YouTube and tried it out. Not bad for having never done nail art, huh?

So....that's all folks!
Hope you enjoyed!
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft Haul!

For those of you who are on a budget, like me, you know how much fun it is to finally get new craft things. I went to a local discount store that has quite a few quality scrapbooking and crafting things for really cheap.. Most of it is a few collections old, but still really cute. Check out what I bought:
It's all either Making Memories or K& Company- now you know why those are my main two companies that I use.
I'm doing a *Big Project* now and I'm making more cards than I ever had before, so I wanted to get a lot of cute stickers for it. That's why I have 3 of the same thing. I'm not sure if you can see the prices, but everything was 99 cents, except for the paper pad (K&Company Amy Butler) which was $4.99 and the daisy flowers, which were $1.69.
Fun, fun! This all cost about $18! Yay!

Share your crafting purchases! Leave a comment and follow and I'll love you foreva!

Happy Happy Birthday!

It seems everyone I know has a birthday around the same time in April. My father, sister, two of my friends and the woman who cleans my house all have a birthday in the same week (about a week and a half ago). I decided to make 5 cards with the same design, but You'll see that they pretty much all look different. Oh, well. Here they are:All 5 of them:
For one of my friends: Here it is without stitching:With stitching:
Hero Arts Chocolate brown card base, Uni Ball Signo broad gel pen, Jolee's Boutique cupcake sticker,Glitter chipboard circle, K&Company paper cut into 1" circles (EK Success punch), Grey paper and white paper.
That's my handwriting on the card- it's getter better, right?
For my housekeeper:
The paper is the same as the card above (K&Company- Marcella by K) and the same grey paper as well. The Orange paper is K&Company Que Sera Sera paper and the 3 stickers areall wither Making Memories or K&Company. Brads are Making Memories.
As busy as this card is, I really like it.
This is for my older sister. (On that note, I hope she got it in the mail by now...)
Um...I seriously don't know where these supplies are from. I'm gonna guess the rub-ons are from K& Company or Making Memories. The ribbon is probably K&Company as well and I actually know the rest. The card base is Hero Arts, the Green paper is Autumn Leaves and the Stamp is MSE. Ink is black and paper is off-white
Ok...last one for this post. This is for my other friend, who obviously turned 18. Whoohoo for her! The 3 stickers are from Studio 112 and the ribbon is from a MSE grabbox, so who knows? The orange paper is K&Company (Que Sera Sera) and the paper is off-white and brown. That's it! Oh, and a EK Success corner rounder punch was used.
In other (sort of related) news, I went to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Times Square and LOVED it. I am a crazy Harry Potter Fan, as is my whole family , and my firends. We went on the day of my two friends' birthday, and one of htem was with me. Too bad nobody wanted to give the birthday girl any discounts. :-(While I was there, I bought some gifts...but I just now realized I have no pictures of them. And THEN I found out that hte ridiculously expensive Harry Potter stickers I bought in the gift shop for scrapbooking hte day are being sold at Two Peas in a Bucket for cheaper- darn. Oh's the stickers I bought. The picture is from the Two Peas site:
They're cute, right? And here's some pictures from the exhibition (outside, since you couldn't take pictures.) I also have picture with my parents and friends but I don't think they want their pictures online. I would definitely recommend this exhibit to anyone who is a big Harry Potter fan, at least of the movies. This is the last North America stop for the exhibit, and it's open until September. It's pretty popular, so order online if you can only make it one day.
One last thing...I mentioned 5 cards, but there's only 4.... *hangs head* whoops. I forgot to take a picture of the last one. I will put it up in a future post. I have a big project I'm working on and maybe a giveaway, so follow this blog for more!