Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Project- Part 1

Since I'll be graduating this June, I've decided that I want to show a personal thank you to my High School teachers. So I've started on the huge task of making a thank you card for every teacher who has taught me in high school. I made a list, and that equals 50 teachers! Whew! I've never made so many cards before. This is what I got done a few nights ago.... (my 1st time working on it):

All the cards are 4"x4" and I covered all the card fronts, so I get 4 cards out of every 12"x12" cardstock and 9 card faces. I jsut added A strip of paper and some ribbon (picture included) and an embossed "Thanks" (MSE stamp and Zing! embossing powder) and a K&Company sticker. The yellow background is Autumn Leaves and the green unfinished card background is Marcella by K.
And yes, I do work on the floor. I have a desk, but it faces a wall, and my TV is behind me, so....Supernatural always wins out in the end. *sheepish grin*
I've got about 11 cards so far...39 to go! (Not to mention filling them out...)

On a slightly random note, check out my British flag, Royal Wedding inspired nails!

I saw a video for this on YouTube and tried it out. Not bad for having never done nail art, huh?

So....that's all folks!
Hope you enjoyed!
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