Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Back!

Ok...I haven't posted in, well, a year, so I'm really confused, since Blogger has totally changed its look in that time.
But let's ignore that for now, shall we, and let celebrate the face that I'm BACK!!!!!!

For those of you who were unaware, I spent a year abroad studing in Israel, but now I'm home, and I'm going ot try to keep my posting regular.
I sadly haven't got the chance to make a single card since I got home, with all the unpacking and shopping and cleaning to do, BUT I'm planning on making a SUPER FANTASTIC AWESOME SCRAPBOOK of my year away, since I have nothing better to do this summer anyways (except watch the Olympics, which I'm PSYCHED for!! Gymnastics, anyone?)

So that's the plan, anyways. I still need to order Snapfish photos before I can start anything, but once I do, I really think I'll get this scrapbook done.   I am committed!

And now for some pictures....

I didn't want to just put up pictures of me and my friends, since this is a card-making blog, and I don't want to put up pictures of anyone who might not want me to do so, so I've searched through my pictures to try to find my crafty-est pictures and any cards I may have taken pictures of. 


Colored sand somewhere in the South:
 Gorgeous sunrise in Eilat:
 Coral reef in Eilat:
 The one card I (GASP!) bought...fro a teacher who had a baby boy :)
 The inside of that card:
 Pretty flowers in a random hotel bathroom:
 The next few are pretty artwork from the Artist's Colony in Jerusalem:

 The weirdest car I have ever the market in Jerusalem:

A cool rock pile I made on a hike:
 Shadows in the sand by the Dead Sea
 Colorful bird painting exhibit by the zoo:

 Gorgeous ballerina art I saw at the Shuk (market) and didn't buy :(
Now I'm kicking myself...I'm obsessed with it!!!
 Painting on display at a show:
 Artsy picture I took at a winery and I'm proud of :)

 Gorgeous artwork in the Artist's Gallery of Tzfat:
 The amazing candle factory in Tzfat...all these are candles!!!

 Awesome (If I do say so myself) origami flowers I made out of my notes during class.

 Spring flowers I bought for my host on a holiday:
 Bonfire on a trip up North:
 Road sign up North:
Detail of a card I made for a teacher at the end of the year:
 Stunning light dome for the light show at the Old City:
 Painting in the Navy museum in Haifa:
 A Very Potter Musical reference my friend wrote in the's hilarious (if you get it).
 My Purim costume!

So...those are my favorite pictures from this year... let me know what you think! 
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Also, let me know if you're interested in seeing the loads of pictures I have of fun foods I cooked and baked and bought in Israel. I'm thinking of starting another blog for baking. What do you think?

Have a great one!

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